I first came across lngrid Nilsen about a decade ago on Youtube, when she was known as MissGlamorazzi.

She is an American women who is half Thai/ Norwegian by heritage and works as a social media influencer (I believe?!). As a teenager, I didn’t see many of us halfies around so when I discovered that we had a similar racial background, I felt a connection. Even though she is only a couple of years older than me, she became someone I looked up to, almost like the big sister I never had. I do believe that representation for all is important, and Ingrid Nielsen’s channel fulfilled that role for me during my late teen years.

Back when she was MissGlamorazzi, she was solely a beauty channel. In recent years she has made movements in female empowerment, and I believe it was somewhere around that time that she changed her Youtube channel’s name to Ingrid Nilsen.

She gives a pretty honest, and balanced point of a view and I genuinely enjoy listening to her thoughts. Moving away from her beauty videos, some some really interesting videos that I liked are:

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How have you challenged the patriarchy this year? Personally, I decided to start exploring my relationship with body hair – not just my own hair but the way I react to seeing hair on other people, specifically women. Shaving/hair removal is the most widely accepted “beauty” practice, so as someone who works in the beauty industry, I think it’s important for me to examine, understand and challenge ideals that are so culturally ingrained, it’s hard to decipher what *I* really want vs. what the culture wants and expects. Visible body hair below the eyelashes is one of those things. Up until more recently, I’ve always thought, “Well, I just LIKE being hairless. It FEELS good.” But then I started asking myself WHY I felt this way. When I had that answer, I’d ask why again and again until I got to the deeper root of it all. It was uncomfortable. I was afraid of the negative attention I’d get for having visible body hair. I also never really knew what it felt like to grow out my hair and actually expose it to the world. Sure, I’d stop shaving in the winter but all my hair was hidden under clothing. The minute it got warm, the razor came back out. If I was dating someone, HELLO RAZOR! Women who have armpit hair or leg hair are often told they’re gross, dirty and lazy. I’ve caught myself thinking those things about other women AND myself. It’s not only false, but profoundly heartbreaking that we wound ourselves with these thoughts. I don’t know exactly where I’ll end up on the hair spectrum, but I do know that the only way for me to find out what *I* really want is to experience my hair in complete fullness without altering the way I dress to cover it up. If the time comes when I do pick up a razor again, it won’t be out of fear, it’ll be because I know what I want… and a woman who knows what she *really* wants may just be the most powerful force there is. ✨

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She still is an active member in the beauty community and I still really enjoy watching those videos, but it is amazing to see how she has branched out into speaking about more taboo topics, such as our periods and female body hair. They shouldn’t be taboo, and we shouldn’t be ashamed of hair on our bodies and I really appreciate listening to thoughts and videos from her. Her life experiences are very different to mine, and I very much enjoy learning and hearing about the experiences of others.

There’s a reason I’ve been watching her for a decade, I genuinely come away from her videos feeling good, or even more informed . For that, she is my May favourite and I will probably watch her for a decade more.

If you want to go check her out her Youtube and Instagram are linked below

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