If you know me, you know I’m not a runner. For years I have said… I hate running.

While I do exercise, my comfort zone is relaxing at home. It was only in July that I started lightly jogging as part of a new exercise routine (One Punch Man Challenge) and found that I kinda liked it.

After telling one of friends about my running routine, she introduced me to Miles for Refugees and invited me to join her team. I had a read of it and thought it was a fantastic idea.

The reason I joined Miles for Refugees instead of say, a 5 K, 10 k, or whatever it is, is because I have moved countries twice. I am a migrant and I want to support other individuals who have migrated, particularly people who just want the chance at a better and safer life for themselves and for their family. I am very fortunate to have moved with my parents and was, in a way, protected from the world and had a good experience of moving countries. Not everyone has this privilege.

What is Miles for Refugees?

Miles for Refugees is a fundraising event by the British Red Cross where participants walk, run, cycle or swim throughout the month of September. Participants pick between six distances that represent the length of a refugee’s journey.

Message from the Red Cross:

While refugees adjust to life in the UK they need help in a number of ways – from providing emergency provisions for those facing severe hardship, to giving orientation support and friendly advice to those settling into an unfamiliar place. Through Miles for Refugees, every mile I travel during September will help support some of the most vulnerable people in the UK.

So…the final week of August, I dropped a bottle on my big toe. Aside from being extremely painful, the bottle left a dent in my toe and inflamed tendons/ligaments. Unfortunately, this means that my plan to run isn’t feasible; instead, I will be walking and cycling for the first couple weeks and ease back into the running if my toe allows!

I am part of a team called Running for the Ice Cream. If you can, please donate whatever you can by clicking here, or just check in every now and again to see how we are getting on.

Have you guys participated in a similar run? We’d love to hear about your sporting challenges!

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