Day in. Day out, you’ll normally catch me wearing baggy clothes at home. 

Don’t get wrong, I love my baggy clothes, I love being comfortable but wearing potato sack-like clothes really put the potato in couch potato for me.

Like many people, I read Marie Kondo’s book ‘The life changing magic of tidying up’, if you haven’t read it or listened to the audio book, I highly recommend it. Her method is simple, keep what sparks joy. And discard belongings that don’t.

Practicing the Marie Kondo folding method.

Looking at my grey, baggy joggers and grey hoodie in my reflection did not spark joy. It sparked indifference. Granted, they were comfortable, but I did not feel awesome when wearing them. Many of us are raised with the idea that we have no one to impress within one’s home, and hence, wear our worn through clothing with holes as well as items that invoke a ‘meh’ feeling.

While I understand the sentiment, I don’t want to feel meh about myself when I’m home. Just to add, I believe that even outside of one’s home, you should value your own opinion and work towards impressing yourself – above all others. And with that in mind, at least for me, wear items within the home that made me feel great. Because let’s face it, I’m very much a home body and would very much like to feel joy looking at what I choose to decorate my body with.

Cue my Nike leggings. 

I have been living and loving these leggings for the past month. Wearing them sparks immense joy (and importantly, comfort). To anyone looking at them, they are simple black leggings – nothing special. To me, wearing them allows me to see my figure, instead of the round potato I got used to seeing in the mirror. I find I am excited to wear them and will often pair them with equally joy sparking tops; and then model myself around the house (yes, even when no one is home). 

Interestingly, they have made me more productive. Bring on the gym, bring on the chores that I have been putting off, and bring on cooking new dishes that I have been dying to try. Silly how leggings have had so much effect on life, eh?

For all these reasons, I am in love with these leggings and will probably be purchasing more so that I can rotate them.

For anyone reading this, if you want to wear your best outfit even though you aren’t leaving the house, do it. If you’ve ever looked at your party clothes, costume or whatever it may be and would like ‘an occasion’ to wear them, make the occasion by wearing them as lounge clothes. Do it
for you. Do what makes you happy and makes YOU feel great about yourself.

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