Name: Sandra

Job: Business Support Manager

Children: Two and one angel baby
(and two fur babies)

What’s surprised you the most about having children?

I never knew how big my heart could grow and how much I would learn from each of my babies.

What’s the hardest thing about being a parent?

You worry all the time that your failing and you don’t realise that the real test is when you have to let them go off to school/high school and you just hope that you have taught them well enough. Also your children will fail and you have to support them through that!

How can someone best help a friend who has just had a baby?

Don’t judge me for being consumed by my family – I can’t come out, but would love you to come round and sorry if I fall asleep.

What would you do with a child-free hour?

My kids are older so I get some child free time normally go to gym or to Costa!

Do you have any advice for other mums or anyone planning on having a child?

No one knows how to raise a child right, theres no instructions – do what feels right and if all else fails call your mum or auntie etc. They brought you up so haven’t gone too wrong.

A picture of Sandra's two golden retriever fur babies. They had to be included in our Mother's Day celebrations!
Sandra’s fur babies. They had to be included in our Mother’s Day celebrations!
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