Name: Stephanie

Job: Commissioning Editor

Children:Douglas, 5

What’s surprised you the most about having children?

I haven’t developed the superhuman mum-powers I thought my mother had. I feel like I’m still just about keeping going, and I still make stupid mistakes. I’m also surprised by how many different people my son is made up of, yet he’s still his own individual person. He’s physically a pretty good mixture of the two of us, but he’s also got so many traits from his paternal grandmother and even managed to look like my grandfather occasionally. Through all this, he’s still his own individual with his own developing personality. It’s truly a joy to watch him grow up.

What’s the hardest thing about being a parent?

Time management. It’s very hard to pick something up then have to put it down due to other commitments. When you feel like you’re failing at time management this can make you feel super guilty, especially when others feel the effects or are even let down by you. Do your best, that’s ok, and make sure you get enough sleep!

What do you wish you’d been told before having a baby?

That not all babies are sleep-snatchers. My son slept like a champion and I felt really bad for having a baby that didn’t destroy my sleep schedule. It’s taken me a long time to realise I don’t really need to hide the fact we were lucky to have have such a good sleeper. I initially felt like this was a shameful fact, but every baby is different and it’s OK to celebrate the wins sometimes.

How can someone best help a friend who has just had a baby?

Ask them! They may have a small but specific problem you can solve. When my cousin had her baby she didn’t want to ask her family or in-laws for the mega-towels you need post-partum, but she felt comfortable asking me and I was delighted to help her in this small way. The very best thing I had after my baby was a cleaner for 2 months!

What would you do with a child-free hour?

I’ve actually asked for/demanded one of these this afternoon, and I can’t decide between playing Far Cry, doing some more work or baking a cake. I’m probably going to end up watching YouTube and eating Hobnobs.

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