Name: Sarah

Job: Research Fellow

Children: One boy, nearly 4

What’s surprised you the most about having children?

The most surprising thing is that as much I love having my son, I don’t love the role of “Mom.” That really shocked me. I’ve always loved children and I used to teach, so the fact that I’m not thrilled about child care every day was a legitimate surprise. I think the second most surprising thing was how many other moms feel the same way and just never talk about it.

Do you have any secret or tried and tested activities to do with your child?

My son really loves libraries and book stores and listening to stories and telling stories and “journaling” about his days at preschool.  If we’re ever at a loss for something to do, we get out his notebook and a pencil and he’ll “write” a story with illustrations. I’m turning him into a giant book dork like his mother.

Was there anything you thought would happen and were surprised when it didn’t?

The terrible twos. We had an excellent time until 3. 

What would you do with a childfree hour?

I would read or write. I’d do something that relaxes me and demands my focus, two things that are hard to come by when I’ve got my son around. I’m very good at letting chores slip to the bottom of the priority list when I have time to myself. (Honing this ability to neglect housework is an excellent mom hack.)

Do you have any advice for other mums or anyone planning on having a child?

Everyone struggles – in different ways, maybe, but every new mother has to make adjustments that are hard, and we should all be much kinder to ourselves about it.

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Sarah and her son Chester
We’re thrilled to have Sarah as part of our Mother’s Day special, here, with her son Chester.

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