Inside Hotpod Yoga

You can’t have missed our Instagram overloaded with images from our morning at Hotpod Yoga. But what exactly is it?

Our hour of hot yoga took place in an inflatable pod, heated to 37 degrees. As someone who is very definitely a summer person, I loved this heat, a stark contrast to the chilly March day outside. I had been worried that it would be toohot, even for me. The night before, I fretted over what to wear. Online research recommended shorts and a crop top, but I am far too self-conscious to even own such items. In a room full of toned yoga bodies, I was scared of exposing my definitely- not-a-six-pack stomach and pale thighs. I took the largest water bottle I owned and kept it in the fridge the night before to ensure maximum chilled hydration. I took an extra towel, alongside the one for the mat that the yoga studio had suggested we all bring.

Purple pod at HotPod Yoga
Inside a HotPod, low lighting and heated to 37 degrees
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I have terrible anxiety. For almost a decade, I have been terrified of new things, social events, not being near my home. It is especially bad when faced with something I might not be good at. My fear of failure, or being judged poorly, has stopped me doing a lot of things I actually believe I might enjoy. My fears were unfounded, as they usually are. I have tried out various yoga classes over the years, never sticking with one for more than one or two sessions. I’d always find a reason to not go. Too hard, bad timing, too expensive. After this class, however, I have been dying to find an excuse to go back. 

So what made this class different? Just about everything. Firstly, the pod is much darker than the usual yoga studio, with a soft purple glow. This darkness gives a sense of privacy. If you can’t see the other students, there’s no one to make you feel like you’re not doing it right or well enough. The teacher made it very clear, repeating often, that is was okay to take a break or a rest as you needed it. This meant there was no stress to keep up. Positions were corrected, and this hands-on approach felt personal without being judgemental- she was making you better, not telling you were doing it wrong.  Most positions came with a graduating level of difficulty, so you never felt like you were failing if you didn’t adopt one of the harder versions, you could try and you could push yourself, but you could always go back to what was more appropriate. It was also devoid of the spiritual element that often made me uncomfortable. If that is something you enjoy, that’s great, but it’s not for me.

Many people have similar fears about exercise classes. Few people feel happy to go to classes, particularly for the first time, alone. At Force Mujer, we want to build a community where we can come together to overcome these fears. Watch out on our Facebook and Instagram for meetups and maybe find yourself a gym buddy.

Cute dog at HotPod Yoga
Almost worth going to check out this cutie
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What do I wear? Anything you want! Most of the class wore vests and cropped leggings, and this didn’t feel too much. Just make sure you’re comfortable and can move freely.

Is it too hot? It is definitely much warmer than you’ll be used to, but it’s not overwhelming. The heaters are carefully set to ensure a consistent 37 degrees. You will sweat, you will probably sweat more than you have ever done before, but everyone else is sweating too!

How much water will I need? Totally depends, but one bottle will probably suffice so don’t feel like you need take as much as you can possibly carry.

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