I have a confession, I love to eat, but don’t enjoy cooking. Cooking for me, for a lot of us, is out of necessity to satisfy our stomachs and our taste buds. Cue Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook ‘Cravings’.

How did I come to discover this book? Well, it was from Chrissy Teigen herself. Not in real life, but on her Instagram. I started following Chrissy Teigen when her stories were filled with her cooking, and being someone who loves to experiment with food, I was ecstatic when I found out she had a cookbook.

Henceforth, the research began. I didn’t immediately purchase her book as I am a sampler – testing out a couple of recipes that were floating around online. When my appetite grew larger than what the websites were offering, I knew it was time to finally buy Cravings. When the cookbook arrived, I was genuinely surprised at how thick (240 pages including the index) and how many recipes options were available.

Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings’ titles ‘recipes for all the food you want to eat’, and she’s not kidding. The book is divided into 10 categories so you are sure to find something for you:

  • Breakfast all day
  • Soupmaster
  • Salads (for when you need them)
  • Noodles and carbs
  • Thai Mom
  • Party time
  • Sh*t on toast
  • Vegetable things
  • Things that intimidate people but shouldn’t
  • Supper

If you are feeling stale, bored with your cooking ideas and are looking for a little inspiration. This cookbook should serve you well. Further, since most of us treat recipes more like a guidance rather than law, this cookbook becomes rather versatile.

I’ve been trialling this book for a couple months and in my opinion, Cravings’s top quality is its simplicity.

Cravings should be really good for those who are new to cooking, or for those feeling stale/bored and are looking for a little inspiration to their daily meals. To those out there who believe they cannot cook, yes you can, Cravings is very easy to follow and has a range of recipes for various cooking abilities, you can always just start at the most simple recipe for you and work your way up to the more fiddly recipes!

Her book doesn’t display perfect, clean photos of food. It really shows the reality of cooking— mess— and lots of it. The photos are deliciously, and unapologetically displayed, I sometimes think my versions of her recipes don’t look deliciously messy enough! I mean look at this pancake!

Dutch Baby Pancake is deliciously messy!

My takeaway message from Cravings is that anyone can cook. It is non-intimidating and actually a fun read because so much of Chrissy Teigen’s personality radiates from the pages, if you follow her on social media, you already know what I’m talking about…Take these examples…

Split Pea Soup With Crispy Hot Dogs

“You are hesitant. I can feel it from here. You don’t want to love this but I promise you, you’ll be left with no choice”

(John Was Sceptical About This) Vegetable Tortilla Stew

“Ohhhhh my god it was hard not to throw chicken into this, but I was dead set on giving my vegetarian loves something even my meat-eating butt could be blown away by”

So, what are my favourite recipes?

Favourite Recipes

Dutch Baby Pancake

Easier than it looks to make and super tasty…just don’t do what I did and mistake 1 teaspoon of salt for 1 tablespoon (Opps!).

I also didn’t have a oven safe pan, so I used an oven safe pot instead.

Roasted Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is my favourite soup, so it’s pretty safe to say that I was eager to try this. My take on this recipe is that it is straightforward, but it does take effort in terms of food preparation.

The recipe actually says to blend the ingredients together at the end (after cooking), but I thought I’d experiment and blend some of the soup and leave the rest chunky. Personally, I prefer to leave this soup unblended in all its chunky glory. Even though the ingredients are the same, the blended and the chunky versions of this soup do taste different, so it depends on your preference.

Lemony Rocket Spaghetti Cacio E Pepe

This is my favourite recipe in the entire book and is the first recipe I ever tried from Cravings. I love the taste (10/10), and I especially love how quick and easy it is to make. I usually use spinach instead of rocket, because we usually have spinach somewhere in the house.

Add as much parmesan as you desire.

Grilled Garlic-Soy Shrimp With Pepper’s Hot Green Pepper Sauce

Tastes good, easy to make. Chuck the ingredients in, stir fry it and you’re done.

I forgot to take a picture, so please enjoy the one provided in Cravings!

Herby, Lemony, Spicy, Garlicky Roasted Whole Fish

I definitely loosely followed the recipe on this one, I did not have tomatoes nor did I have fresh lemons so I instead opted to use lemon juice and spinach for the veggies (because I cannot go without some veggies). I also decided to fry instead of roast because it meant that dinner arrived sooner. Essentially, I used this recipe as a rough guide for what I wanted (which is OK to do too!).

Pretty easy to cook, just chuck the ingredients in and let it cook.

Yes we did just serve the pan. Makes for fewer dishes at the end of the night!

Easiest Recipes?

For those days where you are too lazy to cook or are just learning to cook. Aside from the section ‘Sh*t on toast’, these are great recipes to try.

Creamy Parmesan Skillet Eggs

Basically fried eggs, but with more added flavour (parmesan, thyme, salt and pepper).

Lemony Rocket Spaghetti Cacio E Pepe

The sauce is probably the easiest sauce I have ever made, it’s just lemon juice, garlic and pancetta*. Loads of parmesan is added at the end (add as much or as little as you desire). This dish is also very filling, so great on days when you want a quick savoury meal. Again, this is probably my favourite in the entire book.

*To vegetarians out there, I am pretty sure that this recipe is just as good without the pancetta as most of the flavour comes from the lemon and parmesan.

Sweet And Salty Coconut Rice

Rice cooked with coconut milk (plus a couple extra more ingredients for enhanced flavour). If you’ve never made rice before and don’t have a rice cooker, don’t fear, you just boil rice in a pot until it is done. It is that easy.

If you can’t tell if the rice is ready or not, trial and error is your friend. Taste a grain (or two), it shouldn’t taste crunchy and your teeth should easily slice through it.

Fried Slice Garlic

Literally fried garlic, kept in a container for up to 2 weeks. it is THAT easy. I imagine this can be sprinkled into dishes or used for when you have little time to cook (but still need your garlic fix).

Recipes I Am Yet to Try!

All images courtesy of Cravings.

(John Was Sceptical About This) Vegetable Tortilla Stew

French Toast Casserole With Salted Frosted Flakes

Sweet Chilli and Mustard-Glazed Salmon Fillets

I’ll continue to use this book and there are several more recipes that I would like to try.

Have you guys tried Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings? Are there any other cookbooks that you recommend? Let us know!

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