Flashback to the second weekend of July, my husband said, let’s do the one punch man challenge.

What is that? I hear many of you ask. One punch man is an anime show, it depicts the strongest man in the world who can defeat any enemy in a single punch. And as a result, he is bored with life as there is no challenge for him.

The one punch man challenge consists of the following:

  • 100 push-ups
  • 100 sit-ups
  • 100 squats
  • 10 km run

Every day, no excuses.

Let’s be real, I’m not doing this every day. I’m not an anime character and I will get injured (plus one does not have the physical capability do to so). So rest is a must, and rest I did.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about how I approached this challenge, how I adapted it for me or my progression (that’s a post for another time).

As I write this, I am on my 10th day of the challenge. I’m feeling really good mentally and physically. I’m less lethargic and feeling a ‘can do’ attitude more days than not.

Having said that, it wasn’t easy getting started, even some days now are a challenge. I wake up before 6 am (three times a week) before work, go to the gym and run (just 1 mile in the morning) before moving onto the other exercises. Yes I am sleepy, but knocking these off my list first thing in the morning is a huge morale booster before I even start my working day, I feel accomplished. On weekends or days I’m not at work, I push to run more, and yes, it’s not always easy, but I do it because it feels good. Aside from being good for my health, I’ve discovered that I really enjoy running; something I previously claimed to dislike.

I’m not starting from zero exercises, previous to this challenge I was at the gym twice a week, not a lot, but not nothing. However, since starting this challenge, in just a short period of time, I’ve noticed I’m getting stronger and able to run further, I feel that I’ve accomplished more in this short period than I have all year.

Most importantly, this routine is me taking time out of my day to focus on me, and just me. I put my headphones on at the gym and block everything and everyone else out.

Even long after this challenge is finished, I want to keep this habit up.

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