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Force Mujer

Force majeure
Irresistible compulsion or superior strength

Spanish: Mujer
English: Woman

Force Mujer is a celebration of women. Put simply, we believe that women are awesome. We want to tell you about the impressive things we do, whether that’s the lesser known celebrities who are writing books and directing films or the everyday Jane making a big impact in their local communities.

Let us introduce oursleves

Kim is our green-eyed, green-fingered founder. She successfully completed her masters degree while working full time in Publishing. When she’s not chasing around after her family you can usually find her cooking something vegetarian from her collection of cookbooks but ignoring half the ingredients, reading several books at once, or on the yoga mat in front of that show someone recommended on Netflix. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried one (or eight) of her pancakes.

Gemma is a 30-something Scot who has found herself living in the South West of England. After studying drama to degree level she realised acting probably wasn’t for her and made a career change to the world of publishing. If she’s not lifting up heavy things and putting them back down again in the gym you’ll find her curled up somewhere reading a book.

Carol refers to herself as a southern hemisphere human who now resides in the northern hemisphere. From Taiwan and New Zealand, she moved to the UK a decade ago. After finishing her bachelors in Biomedicine she then went on to do a masters in Neuroimaging. After learning the nuances of British English she took up a job in Publishing where she continues to work today. You’ll probably find her in her natural habitat; at home on the couch, probably playing video games with her husband.

Write for us

We’re happy to take contributions from our community of readers. If you have an inspirational story or you know a woman who deserves a little limelight on Force Mujer then get in touch to pitch your idea or send us your copy. 

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You can send us an email at forcemujer@gmail.com
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